Focus Group

Focus-groups are used for clarification the motives of choice of any product or goods, for behavioral and emotional studying of consumers’ reaction on test materials, advising methods of sales promotion. Focus-groups is the effective way for making advertising or marketing strategies.

Usually the number of participants in focus-groups doesnТt exceed 8 persons, who is not acquainted with each other, not united by common interests, ideas, etc. The main principle of selection of focus-groupsТ participants is similarity of social-demographic characteristics, frequency and volume of using certain products or services. The total amount of focus-groups depends on research objects and degree of target groupsТ differentiation. Usually from 1 to 6 groups are held within the survey. Focus-groups are held by a qualified moderator, whose goal is to understand real attitude of focus-groupsТ participants to the discussed questions. At the end of the survey the report is given to the client (short or full copy) and primary materials – video recordings and transcripts of focus-groups. Now it is also available to get the record of discussion on DVD.